Boost Your Home’s Value: Simple Projects for 3 Areas of Your Home

By Allyson Brooks

| Photographs By GeorgeRudy

Property value should be at the forefront of a homeowner’s mind. You can depend on the added value of DIY projects, new neighborhood developments, and schools to boost the listing price. Some projects can have a bigger, quicker impact on your home’s value, however.

First you’ll have to consider your budget. Whether you have money saved, get a loan, or received money from a homeowner’s insurance claim, make a budget and add 10 percent for unexpected expenses. Remember, you can either do it yourself, use contractors to get the work done, or a combination of both.

Here are three projects you can complete in a pinch.


The outside of your home can make or break a potential buyer’s first impression. Pay attention to it.

Some believe landscaping is the first thing you should focus on. A spacious driveway intrigues car owners, while an attractive walkway gives a positive impression. Having outdoor areas like a patio or deck where friends and family can gather is huge for attracting clients, especially in nicer neighborhoods. Keeping foliage manicured and tidying around the house can go a long way in making your house look its best.

Schedule a weekend to clean up your yard. Trim hedges, plant flowers, and buy some patio furniture to spruce things up.


Remodel your bathrooms. A well-done bathroom allows prospective buyers to feel more at home with the property.

Bathrooms feature a lot of built-ins. So from a prospective buyer’s viewpoint, there’s a larger emphasis on having this space look good upon purchase. You don’t have to replace showers, tubs, or entire vanities. You can easily clean up old stained tiles, give a vanity a fresh coat of paint, and install new hardware on cabinets.


The key to a great kitchen is in its efficiency. It needs to function smoothly; everything must be organized and have a purpose.

Buyers need to envision themselves in the kitchen. Therefore, things must be up-to-date and clean. However, just like with the bathrooms, you don’t need to spend $40,000 to renovate your kitchen.

Take a day or two to schedule a deep clean, give cabinets a fresh coat of paint, and replace outdated hardware.

Every house is different. Consider your budget and set aside time to assess the appropriate adjustments for your home.

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