How to Save Money on Car Repairs without the Hassle

By David Leto

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Car repairs can often be expensive, but you don’t always necessarily need to shell out a lot of money to get your vehicle fixed. You can reduce your expenses and still receive quality workmanship from a professional mechanic with a few tricks of the trade. 

Here are four great ideas that could help you save money the next time your vehicle needs repair work.

Be loyal to a particular shop

Auto shops are sometimes willing to give discounts to returning customers. If you know of a good shop in your area that is ASE-certified and has received positive reviews, you should consider taking your car there every time you need service. 

They should keep a record of your service history in their computer system, but you can also remind them that you’re a returning customer and ask if they can offer you a special deal.

Check your owner’s manual for recommended services

The owner’s manual for your vehicle can let you know when you should have certain services performed. Taking care of these services when they’re due can save you from costlier repairs down the road. 

However, states that your auto shop may also try to recommend services that your vehicle doesn’t need. By comparing the recommended services that your mechanic suggests to those in your owner’s manual, you can avoid paying for unnecessary work.

Try buying your own parts

Most auto shops use only their own parts, but you can try offering to purchase certain parts elsewhere to see if the effort will save you money. 

Brake pads, air filters, and even parts that are needed for gearbox repairs can sometimes be found cheaper at auto parts shops. Any items that you purchase should be covered under warranty in case they break down unexpectedly.

Consider the DIY route

If your auto shop is quoting you an exorbitant price, you might be able to save money by doing the work yourself. You should have the right amount of knowledge and previous experience working on a vehicle before attempting to perform any repairs on your own. 

Some simple tasks, such as replacing a headlight, wiper blade, or battery, don’t require a lot of mechanical know-how and can probably be done without help from a professional.

You don’t have to let any necessary auto repair work eat away at your budget. By staying conscious of your spending and finding ways to get the best deal, you can get your car fixed and have some money left over to spare.

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