4 Ways Your Family Can Save Cash on a Bathroom Remodel

By David Leto

| Photographs By Ariel Skelley

A bathroom remodel can be a great home-improvement project that will add beauty and value to any home. People might be daunted by the average cost of such a remodel, which can be around $10,000 for a mid-size bathroom. 

However, the cost can be brought down by the homeowner’s choosing less-expensive options when possible and doing some or all of the work.

There are many tutorial videos online and at home-improvement stores that demonstrate just how to remodel a bathroom.

Demolition Time

This one can be a lot of fun. Many of the tasks involved in a bathroom remodel can be undertaken by homeowners, even if they have had no experience with a previous similar project.

Before the new fixtures, flooring and wall coverings can be installed, the old items and walls will need to be removed. With the right tools, anyone can tackle this job — but you will need to be careful about the wiring and plumbing.

Installation Options

After the demolition, some type of wallboards may need to be placed, with cuts for the outlets. The counters can be installed, along with the sinks and faucets. 

The shower or tub installation will be the most difficult part, but there are demonstration videos available. If this task is deemed too difficult, it can be hired out. Tiling and painting can be done fairly easily with the proper equipment.

Tile or Paint

Many varieties of tile are available for tiling the bathroom. Tile has a wide range of prices, but the more-expensive tiles can be used as accents and the cheaper tiles for the main placements.

Sometimes stores will have discontinued stock at lower prices. Also, the tile does not have to be used for the entire bathroom. Tile can be placed solely around the shower/tub and floor, or if it is used in the vanity area on the walls, it can be used as an accent for just part of the wall.

Paint can be used for the untiled areas, and it is much cheaper than tile.

Find Sales on Materials

Many times people can save money on renovation supplies by opening a store card at the home-improvement store and placing their purchases on the card. The store will often offer this option as an additional percent off any storewide sale at the time.

If the bathroom remodel is not pressing, homeowners can wait until the right sale comes along. Besides the chain stores, there may be discount construction stores in the local area, such as a Habitat for Humanity store. These discount stores can be a good source for materials.

A bathroom remodel can be a fun project that does not have to cost an astronomical amount. Homeowners can keep costs down by doing many of the tasks themselves, choosing cheaper options and researching local sales and discount stores.

Having friends and family help can also be a good way to get the job done in a timely manner and strengthen relationships, as well.

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